Some Inventions That the World Totally Needs Right Now

Scroll down to find some of the latest inventions that are very useful for the world right now.

The world relies on technology, and every day thousands of new inventions get registered around the world. Of course, some are more crucial than others, but there are many useful products for us.  In the spirit of being inventive, we have listed some incredible innovations that seem from the future and could be used for our convenience. Let check a few of them.

Super‘smart’ eyeglasses: A firm has already developed glass from the future. If you thought that your glasses were perfect, you need to check these glasses out. You could easily make calls and listen to music on their inbuilt speaker, which could also become your navigator. You could count your steps, check your calories and perform a host of other functions through a pair of glasses. And the best part is that the given eyewear looks like any regular eyeglasses, so you don’t have to worry about wearing anything fancy. They also come as sunglasses if you don’t wear specs. You could operate them with a touch and recharge them with a wireless charger.

A pancake printer: Designer pancakes are in vogue. We all have seen videos of pancake art where beautiful pancakes are crafted with a 3-D design of your choice.Welcome to the future, where anyone could become a pancake artist with a pancake printer that could bake any pancake of your favourite design into perfection. You could bring out the child in you by designing and devouring a bespoke pancake for you.

Stain repellent shirt: This is a god-sent product for all the lousy people who frequently spill coffee, tea, juice etc., on their clothes. This shirt prevents any liquid from sticking to the cloth. Whether it is cola or coffee, ketchup, juice and even water, its hydrophobic cotton will ensure that you don’t worry about such accidents. Also, this shirt is comfortably breathable and is wrinkle-free, so you don’t have to worry about ironing it before wearing it.

Self-cleaning toothbrush: A perfect product for the lazy, this toothbrush only needs to be inserted into your mouth. Just connect it to your smartphone app via Bluetooth and allow it to do its business for only ten seconds. The manufacturers claim that this tooth cleaning device cleans more thoroughly than a standard toothbrush in significantly less time.

The gadgets that we use daily were not there in our life around ten years ago. Perhaps that is why it is often said that necessity is the mother of invention. What do you think?

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