Some lost words that should make a comeback.

Let’s give a new lease of life to these obscure English words by bringing them back in use.

When you start as a student of linguistic, the first thing you come across is how fast a language changes its use and form. Many new words are created(for example, selfie was no word in the 2000s), and many old words and phrases fade away. Languages are never static. But the old words have so much history associated with them. That is what makes them so interesting, and they definitely deserve a comeback in our day-to-day conversations. So, let’s go down our history and pick up some fascinating words that we could make popular again.


The literal meaning of the word is to laugh loudly. This old (middle age) English word can be a very appropriate substitute for LOL. This word can be used while you are in a meeting, and suddenly, a text makes you laugh out loud and suddenly embarrassed.


The word means to move quickly or nimbly. It can be used in many ways. For example, why can be people freck on the roads in rush hours, or I am literally frecking my way out of college.


A lovely expression to highlight confusion. In a literal sense, it is the confusion that comes with things when they are not in the right place.


This noun is used for an imaginary person or excuse to visit someplace. For example, Rahul, my Bunbury, whenever I want to escape the monotony of exam preparation.


This word literally means what they sound, to decorate with stars. This could be used in a sentence like she really starrified her fan mail to her favourite pop band.


We all know about amnesia, which is loss of memory due to an accident or concussion. Well, Hypermnesia is a more interesting word; it is the opposite of amnesia. It is a person who has an extraordinary memory. The word is made up of Greek words, hyper, which means beyond and mneme, which means memory.


The word is used to describe a hefty or a fat person. Now whether this word had a negative connotation or was crude in nature, we have no idea. But in the time and age when people get offended very quickly with the word “fat”, Jollux can be a cute and fun substitute for overweight.

So, which one of these would you most likely use?

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