Some magical facts about “The Lion, the witch and the wardrobe”.

Do you know that C.S. Lewis never wanted his chronicles of Narnia to be adapted in a movie?

Apart from Tolkien’s middle earth and George R.R. Martin’s Essos and Westeros, the other most popular fictional world Lewis’s Narnia. The chronicle of Narnia took us all to the wonderful and intriguing world of Narnia. Fifty years and seven books later, we still can’t get enough of it. The book of the series “The lion, the witch and the wardrobe” was legendary. It gave us the perspective of the young Pevensie sibling and their adventure in the mystical world of Narnia. It was written by Oxford University professor, C.S. Lewis who shook heaven and earth to complete this book but little did he know that his book would be rated as the all-time classic by adults and children alike. Here are some magical facts about this legendary book.

The inspiration for the story came from an image of the faun.

In his short essay titled” It all began with a picture”, he shared that from the age of sixteen, he pictured a faun with parcels and an umbrella. The recurring image stayed with him until the age of forty, when he realized that was the story he wanted to write.

The book is loosely based on three sisters who stayed with Lewis.

Like in the book, C.S. Lewis has three young sisters Margaret, Katherine, and Mary live with him in the countryside due to the fear of bombing in London. Apparently, he sketched the characters of Pevensie siblings on these young girls.

It took a long time to write.

It took a long time for C.S Lewis to write the book. He started the book in the year 1939 and was able to finish it in the year 1950, which is almost ten years.

Aslan, the lion.

Aslan, another word for lion in Turkish, is not only a pivotal character in the whole of the series but was very important for C.S Lewis. Lewis admitted that his story was going haywire, and he didn’t know how to make sense out of it. He said that for a very long time, he dreamt of lions and brought it to life with the character of Aslan. Aslan not only managed to push the story on his own but was also a central character in all other books in the series.

The book is still to this day is an all-time best-seller and is translated to many languages and adapted to many movies, television etc.

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