Published By: Nirtika Pandita

Some make-up tips for beginners to get it going

 For those wanting to start from the basics, these tips will help..

Many women shy away from make-up simply because they think they would not look good in make-up. This is also because most women aren’t aware of the basic make-up tips and tricks that they can do. The best part about applying make-up is that even the most basic of things make a huge difference to the face and uplifts it tremendously. There also comes a fear with applying make-up that pulls women away from the trend but then there are simple and easy ways of applying make-up that will make a huge difference as well as boost your confidence. So here are a few easy-to-do make-up tips for whoever wants to learn.

First and foremost begin by washing off your face clean. Make sure to not leave any dirt or moisturiser from the previous night on the face. One should use a cleanser depending upon the skin type. For dry skin types using a cleanser with oil will help and for combination skin or oily skin using a cleanser that dries the oil out is good, to begin with.

After cleansing the face with a face wash, be one be applying make-up or not, it is important to always moisturise the skin. After every wash, it is imperative that the skin is moisturised again in order to close the pores and not let dirt from outside settle in. It is only after applying the moisturiser that one should begin applying make-up.

Start with applying a face primer as the base for the make-up as it helps in giving a smooth appearance and lets the make-up last long. One can also add sunscreen in the primer or pick one with added sunscreen.

Now apply concealer to help blend the dark circles and blemishes. It is always best to choose a concealer two shades lighter than the skin tone. Apply pea size drops of the concealer on the spots and the highlighting parts of the face and then merge them evenly along the face.

Post concealer, applying foundation comes next. The job of a foundation is to even out the skin tone. Try a patch test on hand to see if the foundation compliments the skin tone and then apply it to the face.

It is turned for applying eye make-up. Just sweep a soft or nude eye-shadow colour across the lid. If not eye shadow, try applying eyeliner instead.

Lastly, apply a lip colour of choice or one that complements the overall make-up.