Some medal-worthy stories of Olympic heroes

Sometimes it takes more than athleticism to be an Olympic hero.

Participating and then winning a medal in the Olympics is the ultimate dream of any athlete out there. When you stand on the podium with a medal in neck and flag of your country rising high, it fills us all with a strange sense of fulfillment and pride. But sometimes, being an Olympic hero does not mean winning a medal. It means to show the world the value of perseverance, determination and never say die spirit. Here are some of the most inspiring and medal-worthy stories that you must read today.

 Derek Redmond: To rise every time you fall

Derek Redmond knew that the 1992 Olympics was his time to shine. He was confident about his training and was eagerly waiting for the signal to blow on the starting line of the 400m semi-final race. In 1985, when he broke the record for the 400m race, he was already crowd favourite and won several medals and championships. But his career was halted many times due to his injuries, and in fact, he underwent eight surgeries before the 92 Barcelona Olympics. But it was his strength of mind and determination that brought him back on track. He was doing great at the start of the race, but then suddenly, he tore his hamstring and fell down in great pain in the middle of the race. His dream was shattered, and he was inconsolable. But suddenly, he did something that would immortalize his name in Olympic history. Despite his pain, he got up and limped his way to finishing the race. His incredible gesture proved the power of the human spirit to get up every time you fall.

Wilma Rudolph: The strength of human determination

It is said that if a persevering soul vows to drink up the ocean, it could do so. And that is exactly what Wilma Rudolph did; her perseverance and hardwork turned her disability and she became an Olympic gold medalist. She was born in a family which 20 siblings who struggled with a lack of money and resources. Moreover, she was diagnosed with Polio and could not walk, let alone play sports. But she had what others often lack, single-minded determination. That made her overcome Polio at the age of 12 and train to become an athlete. She went on to win three gold medals at Rome Olympics in 1960.

These Olympic heroes taught us that the value and power of the human spirit.

Priyadarshini Kaul

Priyadarshini Kaul Mishra has two Master’s Degrees in English Literature and History. She is actively following her passion for the language by being a content creator since many years now. Besides this, Priyadarshini is a true bookworm at heart and tries to be an avid reader despite being a full-time mother now. She is also a professionally certified baker and puts on the oven mitts every now and then.
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