Some movies of Orlando Bloom to watch

With smaller roles to being cast as one of the prime characters, he has come a long way

English actor Orlando Bloom is best known for his finesse as an actor on screen, and of course, his killer looks. The 44-year-old actor started his acting career on stage and gradually made his way to Hollywood. Bloom’s breakthrough role came with the character of Legolas in The Lord of the Rings film series. After this movie, there was no looking back for Bloom and has since then worked across genres such as epic fantasy, historical, and adventure films. Here is a list of Orlando Bloom films that you must add to your must-watch list.

Ned Kelly

This 2003 Australian bushranger film is based on author Robert Drewe’s 1991 novel Our Sunshine. The film, just like the book, takes full liberty in dramatizing the life of Ned Kelly, who is a legendary bushranger and outlaw. As per the story of the film, Ned Kelly, played by Heath Ledger, his brother Dan, played by Laurence Kinlan, and two other associates—Steve Hart and Joe Byrne, played by Bloom—form a gang of Irish Australians in 19th century Australia.

The Calcium Kid

This is a British mockumentary comedy film starring Orlando Bloom in the lead role. The story of the film revolves around Jimmy Connelly, played by Orlando Bloom, a milkman and amateur boxer who is thrown into the spotlight after fighter Pete Wright gets injured. As the story proceeds, it follows Jimmy, who in the run-up to the big fight has to take part in a press conference, in which Bush recommends him to do something outward.


This 2005 romantic, tragic comedy film follows the story of a young shoe designer Drew Baylor, played by Bloom, who works for a global sportswear company. Though flourishing in his career, Baylor, in his latest show design, finds a flaw that will cost his company millions to correct. As the story proceeds, he loses his job and is on the verge of suicide when he receives a call informing him of the death of his father. From here on, the story takes an unexpected turn of events that are sweet and emotional.

The actor is also the recipient of various awards such as the European Film Awards, Hollywood Festival Awards, Empire Awards, and Teen Choice Awards. Orlando Bloom is also the UNICEF Goodwill Ambassador and received the BAFTA Britannia Humanitarian Award. A few others of Orlando Blooms films are Pirates of the Caribbean film series, Troy, Kingdom of Heaven, Wilde, Black Hawk Down, The Lord of the Rings: The Return of the King, Pirates of the Caribbean: The Curse of the Black Pearl, Troy, and Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Man.

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