Some of Shakespeare’s lesser-known plays.

Some of the less talked about classics from the genius playwright.

Shakespeare needs no introduction. If you even know the L of English Literature, then you must read or at least heard the name of Shakespeare, one of the greatest playwrights of our times. If you haven’t read the great master, then you must have seen an adaptation of his plays. His tragedies are renowned and often transcends the barrier of time, place and language. But many a time, some of his famous plays like Macbeth, Hamlet, Romeo and Juliet, Othello, King Lear are some of his plays that the general public knows about. Shakespeare wrote about forty plays in his lifetime, some of which are not generally talked about. So, let’s salute the great master and delve into his world by knowing more about his lesser-known works.


One of the most underrated and less talked about plays of Shakespeare would be Coriolanus. This play had all the essential elements of a popular play. The play depicts the story of a great Roman leader named “Coriolanus”, his rise and ultimate fall-down. It is a classic engrossing tale of politics and class that would transport you to the great Roman empire. The play also tackled some poignant story arcs, like when Coriolanus return home as a victor after conquering a city only to find that he has opponents on all sides.


If you are an admirer of the role of poetry and language in a play, then we recommend you must give your time to Cymbeline. It is a masterpiece in every way; it literally transcends the barrier of culture and even age. You don’t have to be an Englishman to get the context of the story, the story about King Cunobeline and the politics around his royal court. It can be termed as a tragedy or even as a romance (the possibilities are endless). The core story and concept of the play is sure to wow you and sometimes may even need a deeper dive into the background of the story and characters.

King John.

We must credit Shakespeare for turning the monotonous historical events into a dark, gripping tale that binds the audiences from the start till the end. The play is the story of King John and the web of politics and political intrigue in his royal courtroom. Family feud, war and deceit are the recurring themes of the play. Shakespeare is at his creative best while turning history into an amazing political drama.

Which one of these have you read?

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