Some of The Best All-Time Sci-Fi Around the World

When the human mind leaps beyond what is and into the realm of what could be – the best ideas surface from unknown chasms


An amazing gift of neo-realism and magic realism is the sci-fi genre. We can find sci-fi stories and novels from the very beginning of the 19th century.

The best sci-fi or science fiction to be formal, are scattered around the globe. From one media to another, the beauty and thrill of science fiction exist everywhere – from the novels to the movies and series – from the cat robot who hails from Japan to the Doctor in the UK, science fiction is everywhere. Here are some of the best science fiction universes and novels that are widely popular across the world.


Satyajit Ray’s Professor: The Tales of Professor Shonku

Satyajit Ray’s professor Shonku is an old professor of science who makes inventions that have superior powers. Professor Shonku has a cat called Newton and he is a polyglot – capable of speaking 69 languages. With the help of his lab equipment and his own ingenuity, he creates the most mind-boggling inventions which set him off to thrilling adventures that require nerve and patience. Be it the miracurall – the medicine that can cure any illness, even poisoning – or the annihilation pistol, annihilin, that can practically annihilate anyone, professor Shonku’s adventures and stories have found their way to the youth of Bengal and beyond to be inspired.


BBC’s Doctor Who: The Doctor Whose Name Must Not Be Known

Silence fell when the question of the oldest times was asked. The question is about a time-traveling madman in a blue box. Doctor who? The series began in the 1960s and was recently awakened in 2005 by Russel T. Davis, Mark Gatiss, and Steven Moffatt. Prolific actors like David Tennant, Matt Smith, and Peter Capaldi played the role of a mad alien, a time lord, with the body of a human and two hearts. Doctor Who is the epitome of all that is Sci-Fi. 


Jules Verne and H. G. Wells: The Classic Sci-Fi Novelists

When we speak about sci-fi these are the two names we just cannot elude. H. G. Wells, the man who gave us the Time Machine, along with several other short stories and novels was a prolific writer of his time who wrote of various adventures across the fate of humanity from going into the extreme future to going to the moon and coming back. Jules Verne on the other hand has written fiction which later on turned into reality and shocked all humanity.