Some of the best movies of actress Rose Byrne

Though she has established herself as a good comic actor, there is a lot more to her acting skills

Australian actress Mary Byrne took to the screen with her debut in the 1994 Dallas Doll. However, her leading role came with the 2000 film The Goddess of 1967, directing her to the Volpi Cup for Best Actress. This film was her stepping stone to Hollywood with a small role in Star Wars: Episode II – Attack of the Clones. Since then, there has been no looking for the 42-year-old actress who has over the years has made to be a nominee of Golden Globe Awards and Primetime Emmy Award. Byrne has also had an extensive fruitful career in television. Below is the list of Rose Byrne movies that you must watch.

X-Men First Class

Based on the X-Men characters from Marvel Comics, this superhero film is the fifth instalment in the X-Men series. The film stars James McAvoy, Michael Fassbender, Jennifer Lawrence, January Jones, Oliver Platt, and Kevin Bacon, besides Rose Byrne. This film is the prequel in the X-Men series that follows a young Charles Xavier, played by James McAvoy and Erik Lehnsherr, played by Michael Fassbender, leading into the formation of the X-Men group and their growing differences. And Rose Byrne comes on as the CIA agent Moira MacTaggert, who eventually gets romantically involved with Charles Xavier.

Instant Family

This family comedy-drama film stars Mark Wahlberg and Rose Byrne as a couple who are eager to become parents. While they can’t get to become parents naturally, the couple decides to adopt three siblings. The film directed by Sean Anders, who also co-wrote the screenplay, made the film out of his own experiences. The film is a heartwarming narration with timed bouts of humour while showing a realistic take at the foster care system and the emotions that surface during such times.

The Place Beyond The Pines

This 2012 American crime drama film tells three linear stories that follow Luke, played by Ryan Gosling, a motorcycle stunt rider and making ends meet through a life of crime. It also stars Bradley Cooper, essaying the role of Avery, who is an ambitious policeman. And in the supporting cast are Eva Mendes, Mahershala Ali, and Rose Byrne, among others. While the film’s first half focuses on Ryan and his strained relationship with his ex, the other half focuses on Bradley Cooper, who essays the role of a police officer and his wife, played by Rose Byrne.

A few other Rose Byrne movies are Troy, 28 Weeks Later, Knowing, Get Him to the Greek, Two Hands, Spy, Sunshine, Adam, and Bridesmaids.

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