Some of the greatest class pranks in history.

These people took pranking to the next level.

Pranks and hoaxes are part of our school and college life. How many of us remember the pranks we pulled against the teachers, fellow students? How fondly we all look back to group bunks, bursting crackers in school washrooms. Nowadays, students are adventurous enough to publicize their deeds on social media, but before the internet era, any successful prank can exalt your status to legendary. So, here is an ode to all the unsung heroes of schools and colleges that pulled epic pranks and hoaxes so successfully that they became unforgettable.

Man-made UFO prank, University of Arizona.

In the 60s, history was made by Neil Armstrong, the first man who landed on the moon. Some bored or perhaps adventurous students of the University of Arizona came up with a unique and brilliant prank inspired from this event. They decided to scare the life out of people in Tucson with some man-made UFOs. But they executed the plan a bit foolishly with candles, coat hangers, laundry bags, and natural gas. Due to sheer luck and good fortune, no one got hurt or, more importantly, burnt by this prank. The police graciously pardoned the miscreants as nobody got harmed.

Statue of Liberty had a nice dip. 

Like any seasoned politician, two students in the University of Wisconsin who ran for the student election promised many things in the year 1978. They represented facetious Pail and Shovel party. To their immense surprise, they won the election, and now was the time to fulfil election promises. But this was not an easy promise to fulfil as they promised to shift the Statue of Liberty from New York to Lake Mendota (which was quite close to the university campus). And they did it, on a chilly winter morning, student woke up to the sight of the statue of liberty submerged in the frozen lake. They told everyone that they shifted the statue by helicopter, but the string broke, and the statue fell in the lake. In reality, they played a classic prank where they made crashed lady liberty out of plywood, wire, papier Mache.

Politicians’ vs animals.

This prank was able to spark a change in Brazil. A group of college students in the year 1959managed to turn the city council election by making a rhinoceros win by a landslide. People voted rhino for the simple reasons, as they didn’t want to elect an ass. Even after so many years, people still remember the classic way of protest.

So, what is your favourite class prank?

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