Some of the longest-reigning monarchs in history

It is said that heavy are those heads that wear the crown and some of them bear this heavy crown for a long time. Here is the list of the illustrious kings and queens who are the longest-reigning monarchs in history.

Wearing the crown is indeed a matter of pride and prestige but it does come with its own set of responsibilities and challenges. Some succumb to the pressure and expectations that come with the glittering crown but some keep their head high carry on their duty and reign with diligence. Here is the list of monarchs who managed to carry on duties of Kings or Queens for the longest time.

Louis XIV, reigned for 72 years making him the longest-reigning sovereign monarch in the history

He was the son of Louise XIII and Anne of Austria, who took the throne when he was merely four years old. He was born in September 1638 and was coronated in May 1643. But he is not looked up by historians as notoriously fled from France during the Fronde (that was the name of the civil war) and started several wars. But apart from that, he was a great patron of arts and was trained in Ballet. He is also credited to have turned a hunting lodge into the great palace of Versailles.

Johann II, who reigned for 70 years lived to be an introverted king who despised social gatherings

Prince of Liechtenstein, Johann II was born in the year 1840, was coronated in the year 1858 at the young age of 18. He too was a great patron of arts and science but what sets him apart was the fact that he despised social gatherings and avoided most social events. His introverted nature may be the reason why he never married. When he passed away after being on the throne for 70 years, he was succeeded by his brother.

Bhumibol Adulyadej, who reigned for 70 years is seen as a father figure forThai people

Bhumibol Adulyadej was the ninth king in the illustrious Chakri dynasty, who gave the world some of the greatest Thai rulers such as King Mongkut and King Chulalongkorn. He is held in greatest reverence in the hearts of the Thai people who see him as someone who is responsible for the welfare of the Thai people. He is the reason Thailand ushered in the era of progress and development.

So, have you read about these great monarchs and their contribution to history?

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