Some of the most unusual wills ever written

Well, some people did have the last laugh!

Making and leaving a will is a pretty serious business. The morbidity of the death and the thought of the well-being of your loved ones after you pass away is a gloomy thought. But some people take that as a chance to show the world their sassy side, settling some old scores and even having the last laugh. Here is the compilation of some of the most unusual wills ever written.

The ultimate testament of love.

Famous comedian Jack Benny had a fulfilling life with his wife of fifty years, Mary Livingstone. Unfortunately, he passed away in the year 1974, after battling cancer. But he still kept the flame of his love alive, even after leaving the world. He directed in his will that one rose everyday should be delivered to his wife. And the delivery of roses continued till she joined him in heaven ten years later in the year 1983.

Are you Jesus Christ?

A man named Norman Earnest Digweed was quite curious about Jesus Christ’s return. So much sothat he even left a hefty sum of 26000 pounds in his will for Jesus Christ! Yes, but there was a catch, Jesus Christ has to prove his identity on his return to earth. As far as we know, the amount is still unclaimed even after 123 years.

Anne Hathaway, the second best.

Anne Hathaway, not the famous Hollywood starlet but the wife of renowned William Shakespeare, was destined to be one snubbed spouse in history. In his will, William Shakespeare left his entire estate to his daughter, Susanna. Anne got the “second-best” bed of his famous late husband. We still don’t know what she did to earn the “second-best” bed from Shakespeare.

Twelve million dollars for a Maltese.

The eccentric and egomaniacal hotelier Leona Helmsley left almost twelve million dollars for her Maltese named Trouble. Interestingly, she snubbed her two grandchildren entirely while left two million for the other two with a strange provision. They were supposed to visit their father’s grave regularly, and not only that,they have to sign a registration book to prove their presence.

The last laugh.

While men would want an undying devotion from their spouses and would not like the idea of them remarrying even in the event of their death, German poet Heinrich Heine prove them all wrong. He left his entire wealth for his wife on the simple condition that she must remarry. He wanted to have one man who would regret his death!

Which one surprised you the most?

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