Some of the richest people in history

When it comes to money, there have been many people who despite the different currencies and inflation adjustment over many years, stood out given their riches. Read on to know about some such ultra-rich people.

 Musa I from years 1280 to 1337

In the early 1300s, the king of Mali, Musa, went on an Islamic Hajj to the Holy city of Mecca. His entourage comprised 60,000 people and 12,000 slaves. The entire group is believed to carry items worth over $400 million in today’s money equivalent. During his stopover in Egypt, he had spent so much money that it financially affected his country, which took years to recover.

 Mir Osman Ali Khan from years 1886 to 1967

Times magazine in 1937 put Mir Osman Ali Khan on the cover, proclaiming him as the richest man in the world. He had his own mint where he used to print money himself! He is also said to have the largest and greatest collection of gems and jewellery, including the famous Jacob diamond, which is the seventh largest in the world. Values at $150 million, Mir Osman Ali Khan used it as a paperweight.

 Andrew Carnegie from years 1835 to 1919

At the closure of the Spanish-American War, the US bought the Philippines from Spain at the price of $20 million. Andrew Carnegie, one of the richest men of all timeand also a great philanthropist, was soinfuriated with this act of American imperialism that he offered thePhilippines $20 million for them to buy their country back. The shipping magnate’s offer was declined though!

 Cornelius Vanderbilt from years 1794 to 1877

Considered as an American success story, the initial Vanderbilt tycoon started working on a ferry at the age of 11. By the time he reached middle age, he had owned most of the ferries in theNorth East; during the civil war, he even loaned some to the Union Navy. Cornelius Vanderbilt made his real fortune from the railroads. At one time, his income was over 1% of the entire nation’s GDP.

 John D. Rockefeller from years 1839 to 1937

Rockefeller made his fortune by domineering 90% of all the oil and gas in US for many decades. This made him the first person in American history to reach a fortune of $1 billion. Even when his net worth was 1.5 per cent of the US economy, he taught at a Sunday School at a local church!

This list also has some other greats like Jakob Fugger, the German merchant; Heshen, the Chinese Emperor’s court official; Cosimo de’ Medici with European roots whose riches were beyond measure.

Priyadarshini Kaul

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