Some of the Top Korean Movies Remade in Hollywood

Korean movies are popular all over the world because of their unique way of telling stories. Along with being technically sound, Korean movies give much emphasis on story and characters also. There have been times when Hollywood remade famous Korean movies and sometimes they succeeded and sometimes they fell flat. Here we have curated a list of a few Korean movies which were remade in Hollywood.


Oldboy is an iconic Korean movie that was released in 2003 and we can say that it was one of the earliest movies that brought Korean movies into the international limelight. Hollywood remade Oldboy in 2013 with Josh Brolin in lead. 

Oldboy is a 2003 Koran Movie that created ripples around the world because of its unusual storyline. It tells the story of a man who is kidnapped and kept in prison for 15 years without him knowing the reason and the man behind it. The climax of the movie created a shockwave all around and it was remade in English with the same title starring Josh Brolin in the lead. The movie got mixed reviews when released and did underwhelming business at the box office.

Il Mare

The Lake House is a romantic fantasy movie that was a remake of the Korean movie Il Mare and the Hollywood version featured Keanu Reeves and Sandra Bullock in lead roles. 

Korean movies are known for taking absurd ideas and turning them into cinematic masterpieces and The Lake House is one such movie. The movie tells a love story about two people who existed in two different timelines. Sounds confusing? Yes, it’s confusing and you have to watch the movie to understand it. Its Hollywood remake featured Keanu Reeves and Sandra Bullock in lead.

A Tale of Two Sisters 

A Tale of Two Sisters was a Korean Horror movie and it’s considered one of the best movies in the horror genre that came out in Korea. It was remade in Hollywood as The Uninvited.

The story of A Tale of Two Sisters is taken from Korean folklore and it tells the story of a girl who is just out of a mental hospital and strange things that take place in her home involving her sister and step-mother. It was remade in Hollywood with the title The Uninvited and it featured Arielle Kebbel and Emily Browning. It got a mixed response when released with some liking it and some finding it underwhelming.

My Sassy Girl

 My Sassy Girl is a 2001 romantic comedy movie from South Korea and it was later remade in Hollywood with the same name with Elisha Cuthbert and Jesse Bradford in lead roles.

My Sassy Girl is a South Korean rom-com, about a young guy who meets a young girl quite absurdly at a metro station in Seoul. The rest of the movie their misadventures and how they fall in love with each other. It was a big hit in South Korea and it was remade in 2008 in Hollywood and it starred Elisha Cuthbert and Jesse Bradford. The remake also did good business at the box office but many found the original one much better.

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