Some of the unusually shaped coins across the world

For a coin collector, they are precious. Let us look at some of the most unusual and innovative coin shapes that set them apart from the conventional round coins.

Till recent times, the most exciting and unique parts of a coinwere the inscriptions, emblems. But now, the fascinating part is the shape of the coin itself. As we see the advancement of minting technology, we witness a surge in innovative and beautiful coin shapes. These coins are mostly for the commemorative purpose more than actual usage, but still, they are a delight for an avid coin collector.

The Rugby coin

To commemorate the Rugby world cup in the year 2015, France issued coins that were shaped like a Rugby balls. These concave coins were quite a hit with coin collectors all over the world. They all wanted their hand on this unique coin to increase the value of their collection.

Four-leaf clover coin

We always are looking for a four-leaf cloverin a field as they are symbols of good luck. Whether you are successful in your search for a four-leaf clover, but if you are lucky, you can take home a four-leaf clover coin. These clovers are struck in the gold and is considered very lucky by many collectors who would go to any lengths to get this lucky coin in their collection.

Pyramid-shaped coin

When treasures from much-celebrated tomb of Tutankhamun successfully completed their worldwide tour, the Isle of Man commemorated this occasion by producing coins that were in the shape of a pyramid. One side of the coin has a drawing of King Tutankhamun that was found in the tomb, and the other side had a picture of Queen Elizabeth.

The world war I Brodie Helmet coin

The Royal Canadian Mint issued a beautiful and unique new coin that honoured soldiers who were fallen on the battlefield on occasion of Armistice Centenary. It was made in the shape of the world war I Brodie Helmet and had a deeply curved surface. It is a matter of amazement that how were they able to mint a complex shape like a helmet in the coin.

Canadian Maple leaf coin

This fascinating coin is in the shape of a famous Canadian Maple leaf. The popularity of these coins can be seen by the fact that these coins were sold out just in two days of their release. This coin is iconic in every sense of the world and is the world’s most recognized coin.

So, which one is your favourite?

Priyadarshini Kaul

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