Some offbeat holidays you can celebrate in the month of December

Why should we celebrate just a few days in the brightest and most joyful month of the year?

It does not matter whether you are crazy for the holiday season and the thought of celebration and festivity arouse a sense of giddiness in you or you are Scrooge reincarnated, which a sincere desire to buck the age-old traditions. These offbeat holidays have something for everyone.

December 1: The giving Tuesday

After having a blast on Thanksgiving and indulging in shopping the whole of the week, here comes the charitable giving Tuesday. This day occurs on a Tuesday after Thanksgiving, which encourages people to give back to the less fortunate and make their festive season a bit more colourful.

December 4: The National Cookie Day

The festive season gives you an opportunity to hone your baking skills and indulge in some sweet, warm and gooey goodness of freshly baked cookies. Now, there is no stopping you from either baking or enjoying your favourite cookies on National Cookie Day.

December 5: The Bathtub Party Day

Now that you have celebrated the festivities to the your best of your abilities, there comes a day marked for relaxation and self-pampering, the Bathtub Party Day. So, now just relax and indulge in pampering yourself with a scented Bath.

December 5: International Ninja Day

If you are not one of those who likes pampering and relaxation so early in this happening holiday season, then you can celebrate the day dedicated to all the Ninjas, International Ninja Day. The official website of Ninja Day states that the holiday is dedicated to all things Ninja. You can also indulge in holiday talk like a Pirate. Try to redirect all your energies in celebrating all the Ninja activities and watch some Ninja classics with friends and loved ones.

December 11: The Official Lost and Found Day

For those who very easily lose their things, visit your local thrift store on this day and try to find the trinket you lost a few days ago. Or invest in a memory increasing health regime that would help you not lose things so easily.

December 13: The National Cocoa Day

Since the weather has started to grow ever colder, ease the cold-weather blues with a steaming cup of hot cocoa. This day celebrates the warmth a hot cup of cocoa brings into our lives and acts like a saviour.

So, celebrate the spirit of warmth and festivities this holiday season, not just for a day but for the whole month.