Published By: Sougata Dutta

Some Project Tracking Softwares To Improve Your Workflow

Monitor your progress and stay on track!

We often face those people who're so efficient at publishing their projects from time to time. But are you regularly missing your project deadlines? Not sure how to complete a complex project? Then you and your team need a project tracking buddy! A coolest software that will accompany your team every step of the way and reduce risk. There are many project tracking software in the market, but you should choose a profitable and easy one. Let's find out which are those.

Microsoft project : Simple and rich in tools and methods

Dynamic scheduling is essential to manage any project. This kind of software can give you that massive advantage. You can take the help of suitable methods or tools to design and complete the project. You will also get these facilities to always keep in touch with other employees through meeting, chatting, and sharing various work files with each other. Besides, by creating Reciprocal dashboards, you can keep an eye on the current status of the work. And most importantly, it is easily affordable. Regular, Advanced and Expert versions of "Microsoft Project" will cost $10, $30 and $55 per month.

Asana : Popular one with amazing features

In addition to team collaboration and project design, this popular project management software also offers task assigning, regular reporting facilities.This software is able to track even the smallest details of your work. You can also view the calendar in it during work. In 2022, a new feature has been added to this software, which is "Automatically Progress Report". You can use the basic version of Asana without any cost. If you want to use the premium or business version, you have to pay 11$ and 25$ monthly.

Adobe workfront : Suitable for large projects and large organization

If you want to handle a large project with a large number of employees, then it is for you.You can do work approval, review, supervision and even budgeting here. Apart from the online review facility, it also has the facility to give feedback on the work. If you want to subscribe to it, you have to pay 30$ monthly.

Wrike : A customized version that fulfills your industrial needs

If you are a marketer then this is perfect for you. Apart from completing the project it also does recurring tasks. It gives special attention to each individual employee so that no one will ever miss the deadline for any reason. You can use its regular version for free, but if you want to use the business version, you have to pay $24.85 monthly.