Some remarkable people in history who were very productive in quarantine

They didn’t let the negative circumstances around them affect them and even turned their quarantine into a blessing in disguise.

Covid pandemic has locked us all in our homes; we are working, playing, shopping and even attending school from home, thanks to various technological advancement. But most of the time, we are cribbing and complaining about the stringent quarantines we had to face because of the pandemic. Apart from sleeping and complaining, it is your time to let the creative juices flow and do something constructive. To motivate you, here are inspirational stories of great men in history who were very productive during their quarantine.

Isaac Newton 

To all the students, who are having a whale of time, netsurfing and attending “mock” zoom classes, listen to this. In the year 1665, when the great plague was at its peak, Cambridge University sent home many of its scholars. One of them was Isaac Newton. Even with the lack of classes, he spent his two years in quarantine very efficiently by reading, studying. It was at this time; he developed the law of gravity, theories in calculus and optics. His time in quarantine paved his way to being one of the most influential scientists of our times.

William Shakespeare

As medical science was not advanced in the 20th century, so people often encounter a series of plagues. During one such plague in the year, 1606 caused nationwide quarantine, and theatres were closed for more than a year. While many writers stayed home, blowing off some steam, Shakespeare got to work. It is believed that he wrote some of his best work, such as King Lear, Anthony and Cleopatra and Macbeth in quarantine.

Thomas Nashe

Like Shakespeare, Thomas Nashe, one of the greatest Elizabethan playwrights, left London for the countryside to avoid the plague. It was at this time in quarantine; he wrote one of his celebrated play, “Summer’s last will and Testaments”, which reflected his experience of living in a pandemic. These immortal lines from the play speak the story of the misfortune of those times.

Adieu, farewell earthsblisse

This world uncertain is

Giovanni Boccaccio

The legendary writer of the iconic book “The Decameron” which is referenced to this date by scholars all across the globe. The book narrates the tale of friends who hide in a villa in quarantine to avoid the plague. He used his own gruesome experience of plague to write it.

So, what is stopping you now?

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