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Some safety measures to be taken to keep your child’s Holi celebration safe as well as enjoyable

Holi is the festival of colors and the happiness of the hearts

It is the most special occasion when we remember our dearest ones with a splash of colors. This year Holi is approaching and we can’t wait to celebrate. Especially the children love to play with colors but as we prepare for any festival, we must realize the fact that the number of accidents is increasing every year and the reason behind it is basically our lack of knowledge and our negligence of us. The children are not aware well about the dangerous consequences if it’s celebrated casually. So, as adults, we must show them the right way to keep the Holi safe and secure. So, parents are suggested to keep the below-mentioned tips in mind so that they can educate themselves as well as their children –

Keep an eye on your child

As parents or an adult, you must be around your child when he/she is enjoying with the colors. Especially when a large tub or drum is there full of watercolors. Because the child can accidentally fall into the tub while taking water in his/her Pichkari. Staying with your child is also important to improve the bond you have with your kid. Amongst all the business, you’ll have some quality time with your little ones. 

Organic color is a must for a safe Holi

Nowadays the Holi colors generally available in the market are loaded with harmful chemicals and they can cause a lot of skin issues. To protect the tender skin of your toddler, what you can do is use eco-friendly colors those will not do any harm to your child’s skin and hair. Undoubtedly they are expensive but we can easily bear the price when it’s the question of our child’s safety. So, buy organic floral colors and repeatedly check the elements present in them.

Wear appropriate clothing

Make sure your child wears a dress that completely covers the exposed parts of the body. Anything with long sleeves would be perfect for this festival. The reason is to avoid the colors from directly touching your child’s tender skin. One more thing you can’t forget is to train your child not to put color in their mouth as they can create severe reactions after going into the body. If these above-mentioned steps are followed, you can definitely bring a safe Holi for your child.

“May God paint the canvas of your life with the colors of joy, happiness, prosperity, good health, and success”.