Some scary facts about life

While it’s true that knowledge is power, there are still a lot of unanswered questions. Therefore, it’s simple to feel a little overburdened by the globe.

Maybe you are just not frightened by scary stuff, maybe you will not scratch or feel uneasy when staring at bugs crawling over a body all day. Even Halloween-related humour mighty is entertaining to you. Let’s find out those scary and creepiest facts in our life.

Children frequently report hearing voices

It seems that even if their children hear voices, parents remain quiet and do not have to freak out. It affects about 8% of kids, making it as common as asthma or dyslexia. Even though hearing voices is creepy, it is nonetheless common.

Up to 10 million dust mites may reside in your mattress

Dust mites are attracted to warm beds and dead skin cells and as a result, your bed is a great place for them to live. They are minuscule and can number in the thousands or millions. If there is one thing to take away from this unsettling fact, it is to wash your being regularly.

A person drinks approximately 1 to 2 cups of snot per day

Because more mucus escapes into the trachea than out the nose, the majority of it ends up at the back of your throat. This frightening science fact may frighten you, yet it is perfectly harmless and natural.

‘Island of the Dolls’ is one of the world’s most haunted locations

This small island south of Mexico City is terrifying and little dolls perched and fastened to the island’s trees are thought to be home to a little girl’s ghost. The island’s custodian discovered a girl who perished in unexplained circumstances, according to tradition. The caretaker found a floating doll in the sea and placed it on a tree to please the drowned girl’s ghost.

Aztec priests thought that children’s tears could end droughts

Many of the rites performed by Huitzilopochtli, the sun god of the Aztecs, included the sacrifice of women and children. The Aztecs believed in the efficacy of human sacrifice. Aztec priests killed children during times of drought because they thought their tears might summon rain.

There is a book called “The Devil’s Bible”, which is a deal between Satan and a monk

The largest known Latin manuscript is “The Devil’s Bible. The is a full-page illustration of Satan in it. People think the document contains the agreement of a monk who, in the 13th century, sold his soul to Satan to avoid execution.

Check out these important scary or creepy facts about life to gather more knowledge on life.

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