Some science backed ways to build muscles fast.

When we think of building muscles, spending hours in the gym comes to mind. Building muscles do take time and effort but there arescience-backed ways to build muscle faster without living out of a gym. Read on to know more about these ways. 

Create a strong foundation

Initially, building muscular strength with lower weight and higher reps is key for people who have just started to work out. For reference, start with a weight with which you can easily perform twenty reps before increasing the weight. This helps you develop the endurance and stability required to support joints and create the right posture for your muscle-building regime.

Focus on compound lifting

Researchhas proved that when you work on various muscles against just targeting one muscle, you can build muscle faster with considerably less time in the gym. By definition, compound lifting is workouts where you work on many muscles group at the same time and types of compound lifts are deadlift, pull-up, bench press, squat and overhead press.

Use the progressive overload technique

This simply means that every time you work out, increase the weight, say by 10%, and the reps by one or two as compared to the last time. This is the principle of progressive overload which proves that one can gradually and consistently build muscle mass by increasing weight, number of reps, and frequency of the routine.

Be patient

The process of building lean muscle mass is slow and takes time. A common mistake is people start consuming too many calories which lead to muscle hidden under fat. Research has proven that it takes at least six weeks of consistent training after which you can actually experience any growth in muscle mass. The key is,to go slow and steady to build muscle consistently and don’t fall into any shortcut trap.

Get muscle-buildingnutrients, protein

A study suggested that people who were consuming 1.5 grams of protein per bodyweight pound combined with regular strength training were more likely to shed extra pounds while building muscle. Protein also keeps you satiated for longer hours thus preventing overeating.

It’s important to consume enough calories if you are aiming to build muscle faster. But it is essential to keep a tab on extra calorie intake as you don’t want to gain excess fat while trying to build muscle. The rule is to consume no more than 500 calories per day.

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