Some Tips for a Stylish Wardrobe on a Shoestring Budget

When it comes to fashion, the most popular notion is that expensive clothes will guarantee an outstanding style. Well, it’s high time to break this myth and yet look like a diva without burning a hole in your pocket.

Fashion doesn’t come with an expensive tag; it needs to be original and classy. If it doesn’t sound compelling to you, consider the example of Sushmita Sen who wore a gown designed by the fabrics from her mother’s wardrobe in the final round of Miss India contest. It was stitched by a local tailor that got her the coveted Miss India crown!

Here are some tips to make the fashion of your choice without breaking your bank.

Assessing your Existing wardrobe

Most of us are guilty of piling up our closets with stuff that are rarely or never used. Else, we get attached to a particular colour and end up buying most of our things in the same colour, including the one’s that do not fit.

Or you are having the same kind of footwear for years.

Having like a hundred T-shirts but none of them pairs well with a decent skirt/denim.

When you get an idea about what exactly you need to have in your wardrobe, try parting with your beloved yet redundant old companions like crumbly dresses. Good old pants etc. occupying a large space of your closet

Be original, Buy original.

Remember, if you cannot afford an original Hermes, Balenciaga or Christian Louboutin; DO NOT go for a fake version which is found on the street corners, or from stores which sell cheap copies of the original. Your style should be your own and not a rip-off. It is better to invest in a local but original item which matches with your style than to invest in a copy. Saying no to fake brands is the best way to own your unique style.

The Right Fit

If your outfits do not fit your body type, they are not going to make an impression. Therefore it is advisable to make those small alternations in your clothes which would enhance your figure.  And if you could spare some extra bucks, invest in some bespoke costumes made by your tailor to bring the best out of your clothes

Lastly. Classics never go out of fashion. Your mom’s silks and chiffons will never go out of style. Flaunt those hidden gems whenever you can. And don’t forget the mantra of owning a fewer classical piece than a closet full of insignificant items.

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