Some Unconventional Career Choices for Millennials

If you are a millennial and hate your nine to five job, you might want to read this story. From childhood, people are programmed to seek a job which provides money, security and stability. They are dissuaded from taking undue risks in life and seeking contentment in an insignificant life. It is because not everyone is up for an adventurous life, no matter how glamorous it appears.

Bob Dylan famously sang the times they are a-changing. Indeed the changing times have opened up a lot of new avenues for people who hate the idea of seeking pleasant happiness in a lifelong monotony. For all the people seeking some exciting alternative career options, these professions might spark your interest.

Stand-up Comedy

The world has started taking comedy business seriously. People have moved over cliché slapstick jesters who were relegated to the periphery of acting business. If you are known to make your friends laugh hard, test it out by making a group of strangers laugh in the local open mic challenge in your city. If it clicks, keep coming back for more shows with your original content, and you might make a career out of being a stand-up comedian.

Podcast Producer

Not only does it sound exciting, but, it is an exciting career option for someone with a problem-solving attitude who also has technical knowhow about editing, sound and recording. A podcast producer is also free to star in the discussions out from your podcasts. You only need to reach out to target audience for making your content popular and make moolah from this business.

Radio Jockey

Wouldn’t it be fascinating for you to be known for your voice? A radio jockey could earn the status of a mini-celebrity with dedicated listens and followers. You would need to appear for a qualifying test based on your voice quality, conversational skills, wit and an ability to improvise on the spot. There are good schools which offer a course in Radio Jockeying too. You could enrol yourself in one of these institutes to hone your RJ-ing skills if you are interested in the job.

Makeup Artist 

Professional makeup artists are in real demand today. It is not difficult to make a career in this profession. If you have good makeup skills, you could start working straightaway or take a short course from a professional makeup and hair academy to polish your skills. With some social skills and references from your clients, you could quickly work your way up to the top of the game.

You will find many unconventional career options if you are serious about it. We suggest you to thoroughly evaluate these options based on your unique skills before taking your plunge. All the best!

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