Some unlikely cricket records that would surprise you

Cricket is one of the most-watched sports in the world due to the drama, entertainment, performance, and thrills it offers. You may be well aware of the cricket records; we bring for you some unusual records that have a little twist. Here are these unique cricket records.

 Most nineties in international cricket

Sachin Tendulkar is known as a ‘little master’ due to his performance and international batting records; he is the only player to score 100 international hundreds and is the highest run-getter in ODIs and Test cricket. But do you know he also holds a record for the greatest number of the nineties in international cricket – 18 nineties in ODIs and 10 in Test matches.

 Most runs conceded in an over in a test match

Jimmy Anderson is considered as one of the finest swing bowlers of all time; he has the most number of wickets in test match format taken by a fast bowler ever. But he also holds a rather forgetful record for the greatest number of runs conceded in single test cricket over – George Bailey from Australia in the 2013 WACA test match scored 28 runs in a single over.

Number 8 batsman outscoring legends

Wasim Akram who used to bat at number 8 in the Pakistan cricket team once scored a mammoth 257 runs not out against Zimbabwe. The highest test scores for some of the best batsmen are lower than this performance of number 8 all-rounder; the toptest scores of Sachin, Ganguly, and Kallis are 248, 239, and 224, respectively.

The slowesthalf-century in international cricket

Trevor Bailey also known as ‘Barnacle’ was a fine medium-fast bowler and an exceptional fielder. Being a very dull batsman, he opened the inning 14 times in his 61 test matches, and in one of the matches, he created this record. In the 1958 Ashes series against Australia, in Brisbane, he took 357 minutes to score 68 runs. It’s practically impossible to break this record given modern-day cricket.

 Given out obstructing the field in a test match

In the 1951 Test against South Africa at The Oval, Len Hutton was playing at 27 chasings 163 to win when he edged a ball and legally knocked it away from the wicket with his bat. But in doing so, he prevented a catch from being taken and subsequently was given out. This is the only such event recorded in cricket history.

‘The Great wall’, Rahul Dravid also holds a rather embarrassing record for being bowled out a maximum number of times (55 times) in test cricket. Isn’t it unusual?

Priyadarshini Kaul

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