Some Uses of School Math in Daily Life

Mathematics is simply beautiful and helpful.


People often fuss about math and claim that it is not important for our daily lives. But the math that is taught in schools can often be used in our day-to-day lives as we make thousands of decisions every day and through those decisions live our lives in a meaningful manner via the virtue of none other than mathematics. Every time you go to the store and make an estimate of the price of things that you do not know the exact value of – for the sake of bargaining – you use some pretty elementary mathematics which shall be revealed by and by.


When We Use Algebra: Finding an Unknown Quantity with Known Values

What if I told you that you subconsciously use the algebraic formalism mentally every time you buy something and calculate the entirety of the transaction? Calculating the change after a transaction might seem a petty thing but it actually utilizes some sophisticated math. The currency denominations and the number of notes you carry are specific and require the correct kind of math to determine how many notes of which values need to be presented against which note for which prices. This is algebra and it really is easy.


Using Volumetric Measurements in Ratios: Mathematics of Cooking

Cooking is a science that uses math to approximate or even determine the number of ingredients required to be put into the pan or utensil against the number of people consuming the food as well as the amount of each ingredient that needs to be given in the food. All this is a natural manifestation of ratios and proportions which we are taught in school and then as we practice what we love in our daily lives we get better at the application of the math directed towards that.


The Logarithmic Human Brain: Our Weird Responses to Changes in Prices 

Did you know that our human brain thinks in a logarithmic manner? This is why we don’t bother with a price change of an article from 3000 bucks to 3050. But we would all go mad if something that costs 12 bucks today costs 16 bucks tomorrow. The thing which we can observe here is that the logarithmic change from 12 to 16 is a lot higher than 3000 to 3050. And our brain recognizes these shapes, in our commerce, economy, and lifestyles.

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