Some wonderful facts about life in space, according to astronaut Scott Kelly.

He is a pioneer in the field of space exploration and has spent 520 days in space during four of his mission. Let’s find out more about the life in space for the legend himself.

Scott Kelly is a legend and a pioneer of space exploration, who spent 520 days in space (during four of his space missions). His last mission garnered attention from space enthusiasts all across the globe as he spent record-setting 340 days in space. He published a book on his experiences in space called “Endurance: My year in space and our journey to Mars”. He is known to answer the most inquisitive questions from space enthusiasts through Twitter. So, let’sknow some fascinating facts about life in space by astronaut Scott Kelly.

Surprising amounts of sunrises and sunsets, he could witness.

The International Space Centre completes a rotation of the earth every 90 minutes. Due to this, you can witness numerous sunrises and sunsets, sixteen sunrises and sixteen sunsets, to be precise. During his time in space, Kelly was able to witness about 10,944 sunrises and sunsets, while we on earth can experience about 684 of those.

They get to skip some of the daily chores.

Doing laundry is a very cumbersome task, but Scott Kelly could bid adieu to this daily chore in the space. He admitted in one of his tweets that they don’t do laundry in space;instead they throw away the clothes after they are used.

There is a lot of space debris in space.

Humans are known to corrupt the places they set sights on. Space is no different, as according to Kelly, space is full of space debris or space junk. Most of the debris surrounding the earth is abandoned launch vehicles, spacecraft or fragmentation debris. Kelly says that they have to frequently move the space station to avoid debris.

What do astronauts do in their free time?

When asked what do astronauts do in space in their downtime, Kelly said that they do the usual things. He said he talks on the phone, read some books, watch television, and, last but not the least, gaze lovingly at our home planet, earth.

You dream of space.

Kelly is often asked peculiar questions about life in space on Twitter, one of them was, what his dreams on the space are? He, interestingly, replied that mostly he dreamt of being in the International Space Station; he rarely dreamt about life on earth.

So, would you like to that a trip up in the space?

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