Songkran Water Festival-All Fun Loving People Invited!

Talk about a fun water celebration, we have the best one! Welcome to the Songkran festival!

What is the Songkran, you ask? The best way to put it is that it’s a place where you can let the child in you run wild and free! Sounds like a party, doesn’t it? one of the most popular festivals in Thailand, the traditional new year that falls from 13th to15th April, is marked with this water festival that translates from the Sanskrit word meaning passing.

The most essential element of the festival is water, and the best way to celebrate it is to sprinkle it on people! Every year huge crowds assemble with their water ammunitions and have a blast drenching the other folks who are prepared to splash water on you too!

The followers of Buddhism visit monasteries decorated for the festival and pour water on Buddha’s images and statues as a mark of respect. It is a happy family reunion for people who have settled far off from their homes for occupational purpose.

During the first day of the festival, the whole country transforms into an exuberant ground of celebration, and there are processions of Buddha images taking place throughout the nation. The houses are cleaned, and the water throwing starts from this day of Songkran.

On 14th April, Wan Nao is celebrated in the traditional style. It is when the sun travels between Pisces and Aires. IT is celebrated more conventionally by building sand chedis and formal rituals in temples.

The 15th is celebrated as the final day of celebration. It is a day accompanied by gifts bestowed at temples. The offerings are left at the temple with many other events to make the day special for everyone.

Bangkok has an official opening ceremony at Wat Pho with one of the most important Buddhist temples in Thailand. The spectacular gold plated reclining Buddha is the attraction of devotees and tourists on this day. The Khao San Road is packed with parades and functions to spill glamour on the festival’s day. As the events reside, the water throwing commences, and that is something everyone participates in!

In Chiang Mai, the festival begins earlier than the rest of the country. Starting from 12th April, the eye-catching procession filled with delicious street food and cultural celebrations attracts everyone.

The beach in Phuket is the hub of celebrations. The gridlocked streets are filled with pickup trucks to aid tourists and locals alike to replenish their water ammunitions!

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