Sound of Music – A Musical Delight

Music pleases the soul and aids the mind.\

The Sound of Music, released in 1965 was a musical endeared by all. Although there are a lot of controversies regarding the feminist stances of the film, all in all, the film still continues to entertain young and old alike. Here we are going to discuss the plot of the movie, its background and setting, and its amazing musical arrangements.

The Story of the Movie: The Plot that it Entails 

The movie begins with the introduction of Maria. A girl who loves to sing amidst the mountains freely in the breeze among the birds and streams. She is in church training to become a nun. One day she receives the task of taking care of a family of children who has lost their mother. Their father who is a captain of the army treats his children like his fellow soldiers and has lost all meaning of love after losing his wife. A film of love, loss, betrayal, and realizing that saving what is most important to you is what matters, the Sound of Music will keep you entertained every minute of the way.

Austria in the Era of Nazis: The Films Background and Setting

The film plot is set in the country of Austria, against the backdrop of the Nazi era in German-dominated Austria. The film begins with Austria’s beautiful landscapes and sceneries where Maria sings the Sound of Music. As we are slowly introduced to the characters, we get to observe the backdrop of the times and places portrayed in the film. Themes of dependency and control reign with hints of unsuccessful retaliation.

The Musical Delight: The Brilliance of the Movie as a Musical

This movie is a musical delight as the story moves forward with delightful songs and brilliantly directed scores. This movie is a musical hence it uses songs as methods of dialogue as well as to describe characters and scenery in a poetic manner. It stands to artistically highlight the scenario of each scene. Whether it is about introducing a new character or progressing with the plot or simply putting a light-hearted scene in between to appease the audiences with comic relief, the songs are meticulously designed to function as a medium of parallel storytelling within the main movie.

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