SportsBiz: It’s Raining Money at PSG Since Messi’s Arrival

French club Paris Saint-Germain’s revenues have gone up since the greatest player of all time donned the club’s blue jersey 


2021 is a different year in the world of football. Lionel Andres Messi, the greatest player of all time, is no more a part of club Barcelona. At present, he is in Paris with his wife and kids, waiting to make his debut for his new club Paris Saint-Germain. Undoubtedly, the biggest signing in the history of football; Lionel Messi had to leave Barcelona after 21 long years because Barcelona simply could not afford him as per the rules laid by the La Liga Financial Fair Play committee. 


Therefore, Lionel Messi is now a PSG player. His arrival has indeed instilled confidence in the club that has never won the Champions League before. The club has tried hard but simply could not touch the trophy. With Messi in the squad, the club has bolstered its attacking line-up. However, football is not the only area where PSG has gained a massive boost. 


Since Lionel Messi has arrived at PSG, the club’s revenues have gone up. As we are well aware, social media platforms are a major way of earning revenues. Since Messi joined PSG, the social media accounts of the club have gained a massive number of followers. In a short period, the official Instagram page of the club has earned over 8,00,000 followers along with 2,00,000 new followers on Facebook. In short, PSG can earn significantly more than it used to through its social media platforms. 


Apart from social media platforms, PSG is likely to earn an enormous amount of wealth in the upcoming seasons from the sales of its jerseys. After the signing of Messi, the club has sold over 1,50,000 Lionel Messi jerseys. Although the club will receive only 80 million euros this year; by the end of the 2021/22 season, Nike will earn way more than it has to pay to the club. However, next season, the club may add a clause in the contract with Nike.


Apart from social media platforms and sales of shirts, the club’s brand value has increased to a great extent as well. At present, official numbers are not available, but the club is likely to earn a tremendous amount from stadium tickets and merchandise. 


While it is raining money at Paris Saint-Germain, club Barcelona has suffered terribly after the departure of Messi. Club Barcelona has lost 137 million euros of brand value along with 77 million euros of business revenue. Not to forget, it has lost 43 million euros in merchandise and jersey sales. 

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