Published By: Satavisha

Spruce Up Your Kitchen With These Seven Plants That Can Flourish In Your Cooking Space

Adding indoor greenery to a room is the simplest and fastest way to prettify your boring decor, and when thinking of the kitchen, growing indoor foliage can offer many practical applications, too.

In your house, every room deserves some lush greenery—from the bedroom to the living room and even the bathroom. Whether you want cute little succulents in pots, a cactus garden, or some indoor palm varieties—there is something to suit everyone’s taste.

But don’t miss out on your kitchen! You spend a lot of time preparing meals there, so you must consider surrounding yourself with some greenery that promotes calming effects. Some houseplants can diminish indoor air pollutants, eliminating toxins such as benzene and formaldehyde. Other recent studies have revealed that houseplants can boost your creative flair—which can help you work on that new recipe!

However, it is essential to note that no one plant will survive in every kitchen—since every cooking space has its unique humidity, temperature and light conditions. However, you can start with these seven indoor plants.

Aloe Vera

With spiky, thick leaves, this plant has been thriving for more than 5,000 years—and it comes with a plethora of healing properties that can treat inflammation and burn. Just take an inch off an aloe vera leaf, extract the jelly-like substance, and smear it on minor burn wounds, and it will instantly promote a soothing effect.


This vining foliage with shiny leaves is the perfect choice for your cooking space because it grows in hanging baskets—meaning—it will not occupy your valuable storage or counter space. It prefers moderate light but can also sustain in low light. When watering pothos, make sure the soil is dry.


Who wouldn’t want some fresh homegrown herbs on their kitchen counter every day? But you have to keep in mind that some herbs adapt and thrive better in lower light than others. If your kitchen has a sunny window, you may consider growing a small pot of rosemary and basil. However, if your kitchen receives poor sunlight, opt for less fussy and low-maintenance herbs like mint, parsley, and chives.

Spider Plant

With its sprawling lush green leaves, the beloved spider plant can spruce up your kitchen. You can hang this plant in a pot, and it will cleanse the surrounding air by eliminating fumes, pollutants and even odors. This fuss-free green baby can thrive in a variety of conditions— from sunny to shady—and require occasional pruning and watering. Snake plants can also be easily propagated.


Lavender plants can be a beautiful addition to your kitchen—especially if your space has a rustic/cottage core aesthetic. While it is true that this fragrant plant is normally kept outside, it can flourish indoors too—and this useful plant comes with many benefits—it repels pesky bugs such as moths and flies.

The Chilli Plant

Are you fond of spicy delicacies? If yes, you have to have a chili plant in your kitchen. Nothing can match the joy of cooking your meal using homegrown chillies. It is very easy to grow chillies at home, and the plant can stand on a window or shelf, adding a splash of color to your kitchen. You have to water the plant just once or twice in seven days, and in just a few months, you will receive your lovely little chillies.

ZZ Plant or Zamioculcas zamiifolia

If you want a fuss-free, low-maintenance plant to add to your kitchen, get yourself a ZZ plant— also called the "Zanzibar gem." These stately indoor greeneries are very adaptable and can flourish in both bright-light and low-light conditions. In addition, this plant grows from rhizomes and requires occasional watering.

If you pick the right plant, it can add a splash of luscious green color to your cooking space, cleanse the air, and even yield fresh produce.