Published By: Sanjukta

Stay woke to these Gen Z slang, no cap

Ok boomer, we’ll low-key level up on lingo, no cap

So you know you're getting old when you have no idea what Gen Z kids are talking about. You hear them say things like "SLAY" and “BUSSIN” and you're like, "Am I missing something here?"

You are not alone. And yes, you are going to feel old and fell yourself updating to the current lingo. Chances are if you are here, you’re already confused about the evolving Gen Z slang and looking for some explanation on some terms.

Gen Z speak in a different way than the generations before. Some hate it, saying Gen Z are lazy but language changes over time. Gen Z have attached a whole new creative meaning and communicated effectively with their peers. Just one word is enough to attest a whole meaning and attitude to one word.

Here’s a compiled list of few of the most popular Gen Z slang.

No cap

Cap means lies. So if someone says no cap, it usually means completely honest. “I legit saw her with someone else, no cap”


Translates to If you know, you know. Said when something specific as an inside joke or known unspoken secret thing.

Sending me

Something is so hilarious or funny, you cant stop laughing.


Saying yes to some plan. Like when your friend says “You wanna game tonight”, bet.


A general feeling. “How are you doing?” “Oh you know vibin”.

Hits different

Referred to something that feels a better way than usual. “That movie hits different” .

Touch grass

To go outside and not staying cooped up in the house. Used in the gaming community when someone is too sweaty or games too much, “You need to touch some grass”.


Refers to people who are so close they are practically family. “I love you fam”


W- Win, L- Loss – refers to a good situation W, and when something doesn’t go right it’s a L.


Means I’m going to. So like when you have to go get lunch, you say something like “Finna get some lunch”


Kind of like an onomatopoeia, skrrt is like screeching noise used when you get a juicy gossip for example and want them to repeat it. It means enthusiasm for learning the new tea (another term or gossip)


Something that is especially too good. Like “This chicken be bussin”


Used to describe something that’s exceptional. “This song slaps”


Basically means someone’s clothes. If someone fashion is on point, you say “That drip goes hard”.


Abbreviation of Cant be asked. “Are you going to the fair?” “Nam fam, I CBA”