Stem cell research.

Modern-day science has evolved to cure various deadly diseases with the help of stem cells. 

Today the term “stem cells” is not a new concept to us, as we have heard about it from magazines, newspapers and other reliable sources. However, not many of us are aware of its role in treating diseases and injuries. Stem cells are raw body materials (cells) that can generate different cells in the body. Based on the sources, stem cells are of two types- embryonic stem cells and adult stem cells.

According to scientists, if these cells get stored under the right conditions in the human body or a laboratory, they will get divided to form daughter cells. Some cells might undergo the self-renewal process or become specialized cells such as blood cells, heart muscle cells, bone cells and brain cells. Stem cells are specifically unique because of their natural ability to generate new cell types.

With the noticeable development in the medical field, doctors are taking initiatives to involve stem cells in their treatment processes. According to them, stem cells have a higher potential to help them in many ways.

Stem cell study helps to understand the cause of any disease. Researchers claim that by watching stem cells get matured to bone cells, brain cells, heart muscle cells, nerves, tissues and organs, they can track the root of any disease.

Stem cells can replace diseased cells by replacing them with newly generated healthy cells. According to the study reports, it is possible to direct the stem cells to become cells with desired characteristics. As a result, they get guided to regenerate and repair damaged tissues in our bodies. Stem cell therapy is beneficial for people suffering from spinal cord injuries, type-I diabetes, Parkinson’s disease, cancer and others. Researchers are continuously working to study the advanced application of stem cells in regenerative medicine and transplant.

Stem cells get used to testing drugs for safety purposes. Before introducing newly invented medicines to the market, scientists take different stem cells to test their quality and effectiveness. Also, new research studies are focusing on the use of programmed stem cells for drug testing. Stem cells get programmed such that it acquires the properties of the targeted cells. Then, it gets done to receive accurate results for the test. However, researchers are working in the field to find different techniques for implementing stem cell programming.

As per the recent reports, experts have created human pluripotent stem cells using the therapeutic cloning process.

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