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Stereotypes About Indians We Need To Change

A large and vibrant nation, India and Indian culture are a source of numerous stereotypes.
While there may be a small amount of truth in some of these stereotypes, very few of these notions are grounded in real life.

All of us need to examine and confront the stereotypes we create about others.
Removing these myths and falsehoods will allow us to appreciate the diversity of a society and its culture, in this case, India.

In this article, we’ll look at some of the most popular stereotypes we encounter about India throughout the world.

Indians can’t speak English

Indian people usually possess excellent English language skills. Why? Because English is considered to be the official second language in India and is widely spoken throughout the country.
Most schools in India instruct students in English at the beginning of their formal years, which means it is possible to travel around the country using English and without experience in any Indian language.

Indians have an accent

Indian accent has been portrayed as a particular type – it is a stereotype, and exaggerated by comedians as well as the media.

It is essential to acknowledge that English is not the primary language spoken by the majority of Indians. Although travellers will frequently come across the distinctive ‘Indian’ accent, every Indian doesn’t possess the same generalized accent.

Indians are not educated

Although literacy rates in India, particularly those of women, aren’t exceptionally high, it is essential to be aware that for a country as large as India, it’s incorrect to base generalizations regarding the entire nation.
The notion that Indians aren’t educated is false and educational institutions are held in very high respect.
Doctors and engineers are at the top of the list of occupations in India, and MAs, MBAs, and PhDs are all common qualifications. The system of universities in India is highly competitive, with admission requirements for specific degrees starting at 100%.

Indians are poor

The widely held belief is that every Indian is poor. This is further emphasized by media depictions of India, such as the film Slumdog Millionaire.

Although it is the case that a large portion of the Indian people lives below the poverty line and that there are numerous beggars throughout the country and visible shanty towns and slums, this isn’t the case for all of the nation.

India is home to a substantial part of the world’s wealthiest people, and there’s a significant amount of Indian citizens who are billionaires.

Indians are obsessed with curry

Indian food in the world has been branded as curry. However, this is quite wrong since Indian food is diverse, varied, and far more than a general curry.

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