Stone jewellery – now and then

Ornaments are a signature of  an artist! 

Human beings always had a weakness for stone made jewelleries. From a stereotypical mentality, people can think that only women are interested in jewelleries, but men also have a fascination for jewelleries. Archaeologists presented proper evidence about the presence of stone jewelleries in the ancient civilisations. Archaeological surveys have conveyed a lot of useful information about this specific thing. Starting from primitive age through middle age and Victorian age, these stone jewelleries evolved like every other important thing.

Stone jewelleries: Then

Using bones, teeth, nails and different stones, human beings made jewelleries. At that time those materials were shaped only by filing, using another heavy and big stone. After some centuries people started using stones, which had a beautiful colour texture and glaze. At that time they had no clue about invaluable stones like diamonds or pearls. Later people found gold and silver, which were used as currency. But historical evidence such as pictures were able to tell us some different stories. In Egypt, people were able to melt and mould these materials to form beautiful jewelleries of different shapes. Even inside some pyramids and tombs, these kinds of jewelleries are found. After this era another age came called the Victorian age. In this age pearls and diamonds, a type of beautiful and unique stones were introduced. Inspired by the British empress, people started making hair jewelleries, broaches etc. Before even this era throughout the world, people were able to find different colourful beautiful stones. And this era actually ended with Art Nouveau. 

Stone jewelleries: Now

After the Art Nouveau era, the designs changed, people started using metals like gold, silver as a base of the jewellery and stones were used as the decorative materials. The evolution of stone jewelleries was remarkable, and still it is changing its shape and colour in every possible way. Nowadays, the pearls are cultured carefully in proper culture media. Diamonds are derived from its origin. Science is used in making jewellery. It is no more just a carving or filing of a mere stone, now It is an industry which is growing everyday.

Jewellery: Advertisement

Not only the design developed but also the advertising process changed its way. Before it was only constrained within a neighbourhood but now it is advertised all over the world. Buying and selling options of the jewelleries also changed with that too. People can buy any jewellery sitting in a room.

With time and place like every other interesting thing, jewellery also evolved.

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