Stories behind famous TV show theme songs

TV show’s theme songs are as popular as the song itself, seriously;who still doesn’t swoon over “I will be there for you” from Friends.

TV show’s theme songs sometimes augment the show’s popularity and many times even outlive its popularity. It can be anything, a wordy epic, a peppy number or sometimes even an orchestral piece (how can we forget the haunting melody of the theme music of “The Games of Thrones” by RaminDjawadi). Experts believe that there is no clear way of choosing or creating that perfect track. Sometimes it takes months of brainstorming and sometimes is created within half an hour. There is a story behind the creation of each title track. So, what are those? Let’s find out.

Woke up this morning, thetheme song of The Sopranos

In the 1990s, a famous case of a British woman by the name of Sara Thornton was sentenced to lifetime imprisonment for killing her abusive husband. This case caught the eye of Rob Spragg, who wrote a song based on this case for his band Alabama 3. Eventually, David Chase, the creator of The Sopranos, happened to hear the song and felt that it was an ideal track for Tony Soprano and goons. He immediately brought the rights of the song from the band and turned a song for female empowerment into gangster’s anthem.

Where you lead, the theme song of Gilmore Girls

While we all listened to Carole King’s crooning “Where you lead” in the sitcom “Gilmore Girls”, we could not help but marvel at the ultimate mother-daughter track. But the original track, which was on Carole King’s album Tapestry, released in 1971, had a very different vibe and feelto the song. The song had a submissive quality that Carole later soured on. When she was approached for using the song for TV show, she gave the song a makeover and made it an ultimate mother-daughter song.

I’ll be there for you, the theme song of Friends

Kevin S. Bright, the producer of cult TV series Friends, sent a pilot episode to Rembrandts; its placeholder song was R.E.M’s “It’s the end of the World as We Know it”. The band, in turn, took the song composed by Marta Kauffman’s husband, Michael Skloff, with a bit of lyrical help from Alle Willis. Rembrandts introduced their own special touch, and producers added the unique sound of four claps in the songs, and the classic was made.

So, which one is your favourite TV title track?

Priyadarshini Kaul

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