Strange Sports around the World

Indulging in a sports activity refreshes your mind, keeps you healthy and also reduces stress.

When we think about sports the things that pop in our mind are, Cricket, Football, Hockey, Basketball or any other sports that we see in Olympic Games. But as we know the world is a strange place so why can’t there be strange sports? Yes there are and the strangest ones are mentioned here.


Yes, straight from the books of Harry Potter the Quidditch game has made its way to the muggle world. This sport is a result of the fans who are obsessed with the masterpiece. Surely there are no magical things in the game but it has gone to the international level and has the International Quidditch Association as a governing body.

Sepak Takraw

This game originated in South East Asia and it is the reverse of Volleyball. In Volleyball you have to use your hand but in this sport you have to kick the ball. This is a legit sport with a proper court to play on and people form teams of three to play this game.

Cheese Rolling

This sport in England is as intense as ridiculous it may sound. Here people come from all over the world and chase after a rolling cheese wheel down a hill and try to catch it. A 9 pound cheese wheel is rolled down the hill which reaches a speed of about 100 kph and the contestant that finishes the race wins the cheese.

Cycle Ball

This list goes weirder and weirder. Cycle ball, it’s like cycling and football had a crazy night and then this happened. Originating in Germany it’s like the sport football but on cycles. This sport is a two-on-two competition where the player rides a cycle with no brakes and shoots the ball around with the cycle. It is a very acrobatic and crafty sport because, come on, you are playing football with cycles.

Tuk Tuk Polo

Have you seen a game of Polo, where two teams ride on horses with a long stick and hit the ball to score a goal? Now take away the horses and replace them with tuk tuks. It is a popular sport in Srilanka and a strange sport in this list. It tells how jugadu humans can be, like if you don’t have horses just use a tuk tuk no one will know the difference.

If you are attracted to strange things then you should definitely try one of these sports.

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