Strange things that surprisingly became musical instruments.

We have all seen string instrument, pipe instruments, drums and whatnot. But have you seen music coming from vegetables, saw, PVC pipes, and a comb?

Music is one such artistic endeavour that has been changing its forms from times immemorial. From string instruments of the past to electric guitars of the present. In today’s time, we even rely a lot on the music produced from digital and electronic space. But artists have are still experimenting with musical instruments, and some have gone beyond the traditional instruments and have made music with strange and bizarre objects that would surprise you beyond imagination.

Song on a leaf.

A video was uploaded on YouTube in the year 2007 of an old man playing a haunting let simple melody on the streets of Guadalajara with nothing but a single green leaf. After a lot of investigation, listeners came to know that the name of the man playing leaf is Carlos Garcia. Interestingly, he was featured in an album for the band Kronos Quartet. But he still got no money for his amazing talent and was surviving on small tips and government checks.

A classic on PVC pipes.

Another YouTuber by the name Snubby J is known for his creative music and wonderful renditions of the classics. But the thing that bowled over his viewers was his creative instrument made by PVC pipes, whom he calls RimbaTubes. Once, he performed a rendition of Beethoven’s Für Elise to perfection.

The orchestra made of veggies.

Veggies are not only healthy and a rich source of vitamins and nutrients, but they can also make music. No, we are not jesting; there indeed are musicians that are experimenting with different veggies. There is a group of musicians called the vegetable orchestra from Austria that is going organic way to make the music. They use anything from pumpkins for drums and carrots for flute. While some veggies reused in their original form, others are sculpted to be a proper instrument. And the best part, nothing goes to waste; they serve a soup made up of these veggies to the audience.

The genius musician.

This list would remain incomplete without the mention of the great music composer R.D Burman. Throughout his illustrious career, he experimented with household items to give some of the best compositions of our times. Who can forget the tinkling of glass in “ChuraLiyahai”, rubbing of comb on a rough surface in “Mere samnewalikhidkimain”? He proved time and again that music exists everywhere around us; we just have to find it.

Any other strange instrument you might know of?

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