Strange Wedding gifts received by the royal families

They are no different than us when receiving strange and bizarre wedding gifts from friends and loved ones.

The earlier times, marriages in royalty were considered a serious business. People showed their loyalty by the gifts to the royal family, but now times have changed. Now many royal families all across the globe requests to donate instead of sending them gifts and favours. But that cannot stop people from sending royal couple some strange wedding gifts (like some of our own friends). Here are some of the strange wedding gifts received by the royal family.

Glorious Peat?

On the historic occasion of Prince of Wales nuptials with Lady Diana, the village council in Somerset send some valuable gift to the royal couple. Since Prince Charles is really interested in agriculture, they sent him a ton of peat to be used on his Highgrove estate.

The priceless wedding cake.

This one definitely takes the cake for one of the gifts given out of sheer love. Princess Elizabeth’s (now Queen Elizabeth) wedding with Prince Philip was still shadowed by the effects of thesecond world war. So, even the bride’s wedding gown came from the ration slips. So, the Australian Girl Guide Association collected and contributed from the royal wedding cake ingredients and sent it across for an unforgettable wedding cake fit for a princess.

For the love of cheese.

When Queen Victoria married Prince Albert in the year 1840, farmers presented the royal couple with a thousand-pound gigantic cheese wheel. This cheese wheel was made out of milk from seven fifty cows and weighed about five hundred kilograms of cheese.

A love bike for a lovely couple.

In the year, 2011 during Catherine Middleton and Prince William wedding, they received an unusual gift from the then-Mayor and now prime minister, Boris Johnson. He gifted the royal couple a tandem bike. He famously told the crowd at Trafalgar Square that he hoped to see the couple riding the tandem bike.

A game of tennis or love?

When Europe’s most favourite couple Prince Fredrick and Princess Mary,got married, they were gifted a tennis court by the municipality of Sonderborg. Well, a game of tennis for a couple in love is certainly a very thoughtful gift!

A jigsaw puzzles.

Prince of Asturias married Letizia Ortiz Rocasolano; they were given the sweetest gift by the people of Oviedo. They gifted the couple a jigsaw puzzle of their portrait and was assembled by visitors in the local shopping centre.

Which one of them did you like the most?

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