Strategies to prevent hereditary heart-related problems

It is an age-old misconception that you cannot prevent yourself from heart-related diseases if your family members are suffering from the same.

Heart, the muscular structure in your body which helps in receiving and pumping the blood throughout your body. Heart-related diseases are the third most common and lethal disease after cancer and HIV AIDS. But when you are surrounded by myths about heart diseases, you tend to think that you will also be suffering from it at any stage of your life. But, this is not the actual scenario. You can prevent yourself from it by taking some extra precautions. Following are some of the steps to keep yourself safe from heart disease.

Blood pressure control:

Abnormality in blood pressure is a direct indication of heart disease. When the heart is not able to pump a sufficient amount of blood, it is reflected in your blood pressure. There are commercially available blood pressure machines that accurately give the values. If heart disease runs in your family, it’s your responsibility to check blood pressure once a week.

Proper diet plan:

You need to be extra cautious if your family members are suffering from heart disease. A proper diet plan can reduce your risk of getting infected from the same. A healthy diet plan comprises fruits, vegetables, fiber-rich foods. You should neglect foods with high-calorie content and saturated fat. Moreover consuming food at regular intervals is important.

Healthy weight is necessary:

Although bodyweight does not correlate with heart disease, if your parents are suffering from diabetes or any such disease, you should always be concerned about bodyweight. Always remember that obesity is a genetic problem. You should consult a physician if your weight is in an increasing trend even after maintaining strict health regulations. This may indicate the onset of heart disease in you.

Daily exercise:

There is nobody who cannot get at least 30 minutes for a workout. Always take some time off and practice heart-friendly exercises. If you are having some oily and high-calorie food, you should focus on reducing the excess fat on the very next days by exercise. You will observe the change if you continue to exercise regularly.

Quit smoking and alcohol consumption:

Smoking and alcohol consumption are the biggest enemies of your heart health. Alcohol consumption has severe consequences like an increase in blood pressure, weight gain. Furthermore, smoking has been proved to be increasing the rate of heart disease by manifolds.But never quit these two at one go. You can quit in a stepwise manner or the withdrawal syndrome may worsen the situation.

Apart from these, you need to manage the stress level and sleep timing. Always have a health check-up once a year. Keep your cholesterol level and other body parameters under control. If you are facing pain or any uneasiness in the chest region, always rush to the doctor. Never neglect your heart health if your family members are suffering from the same. You can prevent it from happening to you and your next generation.

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