Stress-Related Issues Of First Year Students When They Get Into University Culture

Learn to cope up or it will be stressful

University is a turning point in life. It is so different from the previous part of life. A First-year student faces a completely new situation in a university. There is so much freedom and boundlessness on one hand and so many responsibilities and pressures on the other. This new situation needs to be dealt with with extreme care or it may lead to stress which will need further care.

What’s New In The University Culture?

It’s all-new in the University Culture. There are no such restrictions from the institution, parents don’t hold much control over life, no PTM, no dress code, no social or cultural barrier. People from different countries, ethnicities and languages do come together and share their life. Boundless scope of interaction with people with various mindsets.

Reasons Of Stress On a First-Year Student

Along with the ample of independence, there comes a huge pressure as well on a student. A student has to cope with the new atmosphere and prepare for at least a three-year-long journey over there. There is academic pressure, social pressure, job headache, relationship issues and so many other issues that put stress on a student. Besides, the students have to deal with their seniors, the officials and the faculties of the university. There is a self esteemed pressure to build up an efficient personality to deal with all these things.

Stress: And Its Results

Usually, a new atmosphere and new challenges do lead the youth towards rapid development of the sense of responsibility and mansplaining personality. But, one who doesn’t get easy to cope with this newness, feels stress upon oneself. Keeping a balance between freedom and responsibilities is not an easy-to-do thing and one who fails to maintain that gets into stress that leads to more and more distraction in one’s life. Moreover, new relations and emotions regarding those relations also put pressure on a first-year student and when it reaches the level of ‘Stress’, it becomes harder to deal with.

It Is Necessary To Put The Stress Out

As we all know, prevention is better than cure. Hence, one should consciously avoid taking stress while shifting to the University Culture. For that, one needs to enhance the capacity to cope with new things, new cultures. For any kind of assistance needed, one should go for a proper consultant and should keep in mind the responsibilities from the very beginning of university life. And to maintain a proper balance, one should follow an organized lifestyle and build healthy relationships with new people in the university. And for any help regarding mental health, one shouldn’t be late to discuss with a professional.

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