Studying late at night vs early morning – pros and cons

There is always a debate around whether it is more beneficial to be up late at night to catch up on your studies, or are you better served to sleep on time and wake up early to study.

Ask your parents, and you know the reply you will get.

Objectively, it is based on personal choice. Some people just can’t wake up early in the morning and would rather sleep late.

The reason why both studying late and studying early in the morning click is because most people are generally asleep at that time. There is silence and not much else to distract your mind.

That being said, sleeping on time and waking up early comes with its health benefits. It is not as if there is no substance in what your father, mother or grandparents have been telling you all this while.

At the cost of being a bit philosophical, keeping yourself tuned to nature serves you the best. There is a reason why the sun shines during a period of time, and there is darkness for another period of time. One half of the day is meant to work, and the other half is meant to rest.

From personal experience, if you cover an x amount to work in 3 hours at night, if the focus is right, you can finish that in just an hour of a good morning study session.

However, there are others who can’t wake up early in the morning or can’t keep themselves awake for long, even if they somehow leave their bed. In that case, there is no harm in studying late at night. Just make sure that you keep yourself away from distractions.

It is easily possible for you to sit down to study and then your phone beeps. One thing leads to another and before you realise, you have already wasted a couple of hours without achieving anything.

Whatever you opt for, just stick to it, because the body clock becomes accustomed to your routine. In the debate of whether to study late at night or early morning, a routine is the most important factor. Once you settle into a nice routine, everything begins to happen organically. The body knows what it is supposed to do when and acts accordingly.

Go ahead then, pick your study slot and make the most of it.

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