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Style file: Why Marilyn Monroe’s legacy in fashion continues to create ripples!

Her distinctive looks and the many glittering costumes that she wore made her an easy target to copy.

There is no other figure in history whose sense of style is as synonymous with their person as Marilyn Monroe. From her platinum hair to her white halter dress, the blonde beauty was known for her soft signature style. With figure-hugging silhouettes and dramatic red carpet dresses, she is modern femininity personified.

In Andrew Dominik's BlondeAna de Armas plays Monroe and recreates her most iconic looks. The film, which is an experimental take on the actor's life, features an ensemble of recreated outfits.

Although her public appearances lasted for only a few decades, her influence on fashion is still felt. For instance, if a person has a red lip, Monroe immediately comes to mind. From Madonna's portrayal of her in "Blonde Ambition" to the countless Monroe impersonators, her look is easily imitated.

Monroe and her influence on present day style icons

Recently, Kim Kardashian wore the infamous bedazzled dress that the actor wore to sing "Happy Birthday" to President Kennedy during the 1962 Met Gala. This was another example of how the public continues to embrace Monroe. The dress that Monroe wore to perform "Happy Birthday" to the president in 1962 was so iconic that Kim Kardashian recreated it during the Met Gala.

Monroe and her most famous attires

From her white halter dress in "7 Year Itch" to her ruby red lips, her look is still felt. In George Barris' famous photos of her on the beach in Santa Monica, she was photographed wearing a white cardigan.

When it comes to California cool, we think of Marilyn Monroe riding in a convertible with a pair of sunglasses and a headscarf. Her look is effortless and no one could do it without her.

Monroe's influence on fashion can be attributed to her close relationships with designers.William Travilla was one of the designers who helped create Monroe's most famous looks. Some of these include the white halterneck dress that she wore in "7 Year Itch" and the pink dress that she wore in "The Seven Year Itch." Her gold lamé dress, which she had to have sewn into her outfit for a film premiere, became an instant fashion icon.

The power of presentation was not lost on Monroe. She used it to boost her career and manage the press. For instance, when she wore a crystal-embellished dress by Jean-Louis, she knew that it would get a lot of attention.

Monroe's ability to create exciting moments through her clothes allowed celebrities and influencers, such as Kardashian, to use presentations to make their own headlines.