Style Icon That Was Ruth Bader Ginsburg

Ruth Bader Ginsburg was an associate justice of the US Supreme Court. She was an activist. She also became a fashion icon.


Her fashion game came into the reckoning very late – in her 60s – but when Ruth Bader Ginsburg got in, she went as far, as wide. Diminutive, standing at 5 feet and frail, her punchy elegance, that too, while chairing the US Supreme Courts justice associate position, endeared her to a demographics ranging from 19 to 90 years of age, with enough takers on the extended sides of that age-limit. 


Work-Outs and Jabots


Even at her age, she was conscious enough, of the benefits of being physically fit and active, to have a personal trainer. And she was aware of her stature channelling it through jabots. 


Jabots are an ornamental – frilled or ruffled – neckwear, typically made of lace and worn on the front of a shirt or blouse. They can be suspended from or attached to a neckband or collar or simply pinned at the throat. Quite fittingly, this clothing accessory, that subsequently devolved from the decoratives donned on the shirt-front in the 19th-century, was adopted into her style because as a judge she would be required to wear apparel meant for men, but still proffer a personal style-statement with a distinctive yet unobtrusive feminine touch. It took guts to sport them – more so in a way she chose them and spunk she had in oodles. These court-bibs would reflect her ongoing attitude – that of acceptance or dissent on the matters that she was then presiding over, about to pass a judgement on or sometimes just to express her opinion of a particular occasion, say about a freshly elected president.


Casual Social


On the conservative side, yes, but her social fashion sense was no less thoroughly stylish. Pencilled skirts, blazers, skirt-suits – predominantly in cherry-red and Ferragamo heels found favour with her. That’s on a casual about-town day. 


Upping The Quotient


If she were to make it to her opera box-seat, or a compelling social outing, the blazer would be made of intricate weaves, a Chinese silk turquoise number, or perhaps even a contemporary art embellished top – abstract and edgy, kinda like her. Clip-on earrings, pulled-back serious hair passed through a scrunchie, rimmed glasses and a miniature copy of constitution held in her hands would complete the look. But could that look be truly complete without that resplendent jovial smile that would refuse to quit? 


Woman Wonder


Glitter may be incongruous to her mien, but that would not stop her from owning a shimmery pump paired with fishnet gloves to outshine recipients at the women of leadership award ceremony held at The Library of Congress. 


RGB, you will be truly missed.

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