Published By: Sohini

Successful Entrepreneurs who started late in their lives

To succeed, you don’t have to be a prodigy. All you need is confidence and courage to start.

The defining success of the following successful entrepreneurs did not occur until they were over the age of 30. And no need to worry if you don’t think you are cut out for starting a cooking empire or penning epic books, there are plenty of other methods to create money that you can start today.

Martha Stewart

41 years old Martha Stewart Living Omnimedia released her first book when she was 41, today she is worth $638 million. When she was 35 years old, she launched her first firm, a catering service.

Reid Hoffman

He co-founded SocialNet, his first firm, before founding LinkedIn. This was essentially an early version of Friendster, thus nobody had ever heard of it. Hoffman next took a position with PayPal, where he began to learn the challenging lessons of becoming an entrepreneur. But the experience paid off, by 2002, when he started working on LinkedIn, which has already made him around $4.6 billion, he had amassed a fortune of $1.5 billion. And it was not until after his 30th birthday that he began to make progress.

J.K Rowling

Before becoming the first novelist to make a billion dollars, J.K Rowling was a 28-year-old single mother receiving welfare and a self-described failure. She had been turned down by 12 publishers by the time the first Harry Potter novel was published when she was 32. Currently, the value of the Harry Potter name is almost $15 billion.

Lynda Weinman

At the age of 0, Lynda Weinman founded For $1.5 billion, she sold the business to LinkedIn 13 years later. Weinman and her spouse started a design school with $20, 000 in book sales. She had just turned 40 and when was introduced in 2002, it provided online versions of the courses Weinman taught. In the first month, 30 people signed up and was purchased for $1.5 billion 13 years later.

Jack Dorsey, Twitter

Even in his mid-20s, Jack Dorsey was still a punk skater. During his time at NYU, Dorsey founded his first business, a taxi dispatching system. When this failed, Dorsey got in touch with Ev Williams, who was in charge of the podcast firm Odeo and a service for instant messaging was suggested by him.

Achieving success is never too late. Do your best to succeed and never give up.