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Suffering from a short attention span? Here are the potential remedies.

It’s frustrating to have a short attention span in both professional and personal fields. However, it’s not so unusual, as many people suffer from it.

Imagine yourself in an important meeting without the required attention to listen to your boss. You might miss critical points about the ongoing project. Don’t feel embarrassed as the average duration of attention has decreased globally in this century. Nearly 47% of the global population suffersfrom this problem, indicating the immediate need for remedies. Without further ado, let’s find out the reasons and potential solutions for a short attention span.

Reasons for short attention span:

Apart from severe brain injury, other major reasons for short attention span are learning disability, depression, and the surrounding environment. It can be detected in childhood in the form of attention deficit hyperactivity disorder or ADHD.

Chewing gum can improve the condition:

It might feel ridiculous, but, chewing gum can help in improving concentration. If you need attention and to lower the stress, start chewing gums. It provides an improved attention time with alertness.

Drink water while getting distracted:

Water has a wholesome impact on your mind and body. People lose the ability to think when there is a lack of water inside the body. Thus, it’s important to stay hydrated. There is no need to drink water every minute. You can drink a little bit of water every half an hour. This rejuvenates your mind to work with more concentration.

Exercise can improve attention span:

Apart from getting physically stronger, you can achieve mental strength through regular exercise. Exercise promotes the secretion of chemicals that help focus by improving attention. You don’t have to perform heavy exercises, just walking and running will be enough.

Meditation can be helpful:

Meditation is a great way of improving attention span. Meditation trains the human mind to focus and improves the thought process. Simple relaxing exercises can be very beneficial for students suffering from short attention spans. At first, set a disciplined lifestyle and perform yoga or meditation in the morning. You can observe the change if performed regularly for 2-3 weeks. Even, few scientific reports have also confirmed the benefits of meditation on concentration.

Behavioral therapy may also be applied:

If any of the tricks are not so effective, then you can consult with a psychologist. They usually conduct several rounds of counseling to improve your concentration. One scientific method includes behavior therapy. Psychologists ask patients to mention their behavior and regular activities. They find unhealthy habits and help them get rid of this behavior. This cognitive behavioral therapy has a huge potential to treat several diseases involving mental health. You can also do it on your own. Try to understand self-destructive behavior and stay away from it.

A short attention span may lead to decreased productivity and communication issues. So, don’t ignore it and practice these above-mentioned tricks.

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