Summer Make Up Inspiration

Best looks for summer


The best part of summer: Being outside in the sun. The worst part is: Sweating off all your makeup. With the unbearable heat of summer, it’s getting quite impossible to do our everyday makeup, but if you are careful with your product selection, there is no risk of your makeup sliding off the face when it’s time to step into the summer heat. This summer, here are some basic tips to handle the heat with a proud smile on your face. 



In summer, one should always be hydrated. The same thing goes for the skin. For example, one can rub ice cubes on the skin before applying makeup. It will help to control the oil on your skin and keep the makeup stay for a long time. 



UV rays are strongest during the summertime. Even on a cloudy day. It’s easy to get sunburned because clouds do not block UV rays. Sunscreen protects your skin from direct sunlight. So it works like magic under the makeup as it creates a barrier between the skin and the makeup products. 


Go Foundation-less 

Walking in the heat with sticky humidity can make it worse. To avoid the mess, one can light up their routine for the summer season by only using the minimal. It will be really helpful to use only a concealer to cover any kind of darkness and blemishes. 


Shift To Waterproof

Nothing is worse than an unintentional raccoon-eye look in the midday of summer! Swapping in a waterproof version of your favorite products, especially eye-product, can save you this summer. 


Magic of the matte

Now talking about lipstick, it won’t be a good idea to stick to creamy lipsticks in this particular season. There are also a lot of products that provide mixed feelings of matte and creamy. But matte lipsticks surely outlast any summer day. It won’t fade if you keep the mask on. Go take a deep sip without the fear of washing it off. 


Setting and Locking

Setting spray does the final care for your makeup, trust me. It will lock the whole thing and take care of every step that you make. Most girls think that setting spray is an extra part of the makeover or it’s not that mandatory but It will keep your makeup in place the way you want it to be, especially in the summer season.

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