Superfoods That Could Whiten Your Teeth

These foods could protect and whiten your teeth.

Certain foods can do wonders to protect your teeth and make them appear bright. Regularly snacking on these delicious foods could protect those pearly whites in no time. While these foods have their best, it is best to seek expert advice to know if this is right for you, especially if you are already on a strict diet.

Maintain gum health with red bell peppers

While many people tend to do all they can to maintain pearly whites, the gums also require extra care. Adding red bell peppers could help protect your gums. This is because it contains vitamin C, which is an essential element for the production of collagen. It is a structural protein that helps to keep the gums’ tight shape around teeth. Some studies have found the risk of gum disease is high in those with low vitamin C. There are many ways to enjoy bell peppers. You can put it in a sandwich, enjoy a few pieces with a healthy dip and so much more. Broccoli, kiwifruit, oranges, and peaches also contain properties that can help to protect your gums.

Almonds could help protect tooth enamel

Almonds don’t just make for a great and delicious snack. It could also help strengthen tooth enamel and may neutralize the acidity, which is caused by consuming food and beverages. You can enjoy almonds in a healthy dessert, on their own or in a smoothie bowl. The options are endless. Tofu and yoghurt could also help to protect tooth enamel. Make sure to consume food rich in calcium and phosphorous as they help to maintain strong and healthy tooth enamel.

Get rid of plaque with celery

Brushing your teeth between meals is a good habit to get into to maintain good oral health. However, you can also make good use of celery when it is not always possible to do. This particular vegetable contains fibrous and has an abrasive texture, which works to scrape away plaque and bits of food that tend to get stuck in your teeth from eating. Chewing on it help with the production of cleansing saliva, which helps to keep your mound clean. Enjoy a few celery sticks as a snack with nut butter. This can be especially helpful when you eat carbs that can sometimes get stuck in your teeth. Radishes, apples, carrots, and cucumbers could also get the job done if you want to switch things up and try a new snack.

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