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Surprising Household Uses Of Club Soda

Club soda is not just something that goes well in your drink; it will make your job around the house a lot easier too.

Club soda is a beautiful and a common ingredient you will usually find in the wet bars. However, this humble little ingredient has multiple uses in your home too. Club soda that tastes so good with some of your favourite drinks can help you deal with some of the most common household problems. Here are all the ways club soda can be used in your household chores.

For Watering Plants

Club soda will work wonders for your plants if you love gardening. Club soda is a rich source of some macro nutrients like sodium, sulphur, potassium, oxygen, phosphorus and carbon that help in the healthy growth of plants. In order to keep your houseplants healthy and help them grow faster, you can use club soda to water them once every week. You can even use it as a foliar spray and spritz it on your plants. This will allow your plants to get that massive mineral boost and all its goodness.

For Loosening Rusted Nuts And Bolts

Have those stubborn nuts and bolts that you can’t just get them out by any means? The rust collected in the nuts and bolts avoids them from being smooth and lubricant. You can use club soda to fix this issue. All you need to do is pour some club soda on them and let them sit and soak it all in for a few hours. If you can’t pour the club soda on them, you can pour some on a towel and damp it with club soda and then apply the towel on the rusted nuts and bolts. The carbonation process takes the rust away and your nuts and bolts will loosen up without you having to elbow a punch.

For Polishing Your Gemstones

Whether you are a collector of gemstones or whether you have a lot of jewellery with some sparkly gems on them, the gems start losing their shine after a few years. The humble club soda is the answer to this problem. Gems like diamonds, sapphires, emeralds and rubies can be polished well using club soda. Soak the gemstones in some club soda overnight. The next morning you will find them shining and brightened like a star because of the carbonation that takes the dirt away.

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