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Surprising places where mobile phones are completely banned

Phones are our basic needs and they are required everywhere these days. However, there are many places in the world where surprisingly, phones are completely banned. From curbing the freedom of speech to care for environment, there are many reasons behind the ban on mobile phones.

Here are some of the places where you cannot or should not use your mobile phones.

Green Bank

Green Bank is a small town in America. It is used for research purposes by the scientist. This small town is a base for many research programs where the scientists try to kisteb different frequencies. Even a small radiation or a sound can make a huge difference. It is said to be the corner of the world where scientists try to catch even the smallest frequencies and therefore you cannot take your phone with you there. Mobile phones are completely banned there and you cannot take them with you.

Caribbean Beaches

West Indies and the caribbean islands are home to exotic beaches. The people there are fun filled and they live a carefree life. These islands are big tourist attractions and people go there to have fun. However, the habit of taking mobile phones and capturing photos and videos has ruined the experience of feeling everything and soaking yourself in the environment. The Caribbean beach owners have collectively decided to ban the mobile phones few years ago and you cannot take it with you there.

North Korea

North Korea is a completely locked country. An ordinary person can never know what is happening inside. The country has banned using mobile phones and people can only use them for emergency purposes. The country has several difficult rules and regulations regarding the se of mobile phones. There are only few approved models which you can use and with the sim given by the government. Even after this, there are very less networks because the government doesn’t want you to use the phone.

American Desert

American Desert are one of the coolest places where you can have a isolated and fun loving weekend. The mobile phones are not banned there but there are no mobile towers as the government wants this place to be free from radiation.

Yala National Park, Sri Lanka

Mobile phones are not environmental friendly and they are only deadly for the nature. This national park in Sri Lanka has banned mobile phones after 2015 due to an incident. The guides present in the national park were focusing too much on mobile phones which were causing troubles for animals.

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