Surprising Things You Didn’t Know About The Super Mario Games

Here are some fun facts you didn’t know about the Italian plumber on his way to save his princess!

Super Mario Bros. was first released in 1985 and became one of the most influential video games of the era. The game might be old enough to have its own grandkids at the moment, but it is still as fun and popular as it used to be. Assisted by a catchy story, an attractive aesthetic, a memorable soundtrack and an intricate level of design, The Super Mario Bros. had set the benchmark for a standard video game. In fact, the game became so popular that even the people who were not much into gaming couldn’t resist from playing it. Here are a few fun and surprising facts about the Super Mario games that you probably didn’t know.

Mario Is A Jack Of Many Trades

We may know Mario as a fantastic and heroic plumber but he did not begin his journey as a plumber. Instead, Mario started out as a carpenter. Before his first appearance in Donkey Kong, the creators believed that Mario would appeal more as a character if he is given a manual job. IT was only in 1983 that Mario was made into a plumber keeping in mind the underground location of the game’s settings. Over the years, Mario has had many jobs including that of a loader, a bottler, a referee, a soldier, a wrecker as well as a doctor.

Mario Was Supposed To Shoot Guns

The original plan for Mario was to be able to shoot guns and ride rockets as well. However, what we actually get to see is Mario being a mushroom eating and turtle stomping hero who is in love and desperately trying to save his princess. That being said, the earliest concepts of Mario included the character armed with a beam gun and rifle. Moreover, the game was supposed tp be split between two stages in one of which Mario was supposed to be riding a cloud or a rocket.

Mario’s Complete Name Is Mario Mario

The 1993 Super Mario Bros film had the ridiculously funny line where Mario claims his name to be “Mario Mario”. Based on that, Mario’s true name is Mario Mario and the creators loved it because it was funny and just decided to roll with it. However, Like Mickey Mouse is only Mickey, Mario is just Mario.

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